Other Published Work

Here are links to various print magazine and other physical print pieces that I’ve written since early 2011.  Please click on each to read.

Hill’s Thrills: From a “Baby” to bad girls, B-filmmaker Jack Hill knew how to pack a drive-in screen.
Fangoria # 303  (May 2011)

Johnny Legend Wants You
Whoa  (Spring 2011)

Oral Masterbation
Whoa (Spring 2011)

The Man From Australia
Paracinema (June 2011)

The Real Rough Stuff
Shock Cinema (June 2011)

Atomic Energy, Moonshot, Heart Transplants and Hippies:
The story and legend of the holy grail of unreleased films
The Day The Clown Cried (1972-1974)
Mondo-Video.com (2011)

The Last Hollywood Cowboy
Shock Cinema (Spring 2012)

Goodbye, Surfing…Hello, Superhero
Shock Cinema (Spring 2012)

She Was An American Girl
Shock Cinema (Fall 2011)

A Man Of Character (s): Bruce Davison
Shock Cinema (Fall 2012)

Who Is Greydon Clark?
Horror Hound (Convention Special 2011)

Stuck Inside A Mobile with The Screaming Females
Whoa (Spring 2011)

The End Of The Road Never Ends
Shock Cinema (Fall 2013)

Drivin’ with Shirley and Natalie
Shock Cinema (Spring 2013)

Last Summer: Take Two
Movie Outlaw: Volume One (Author: Mike Watt, 2014)

The American Antonioni: A Conversation with Journalist, Political Satirist, and Film-maker Noel Parmental Jr.
The Mailer Review: Fall 2015 (University of South Florida Press)

More coming from 2011-Present soon!

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